Revealed: The #1 Best Exercise to Do for SI Joint and Pelvic Pain


By Jarred Parker, MSPT, OCS
Do you have back pain and sciatica when you sit? Roll over in bed? Get in and out of a car? Or drive for long periods? If you do have pain when you do these normal every-day activities… then there’s a simple exercise you can do for relief… and get back to feeling normal again… Last month we talked about the 3 Common Causes of Back Pain and Sciatica.
And the 3 common causes are:
1. Herniated or slipped discs
2. Stenosis, arthritis and disc degeneration
3. SI Joint and Pelvic Pain

Now, the 3rd cause… SI Joint and Pelvic Pain, is a super tricky one. It’s frequently not picked up on an x-ray or MRI. And we’ve seen a lot of people suffering with back pain and sciatica who’ve tried everything else (including chiropractic, medications, hot packs, inversion tables, injections, smelly blue lotions, failed surgery… and even other PT)… yet are still suffering. Many times, these people have a hidden cause of their pain… a problem in the SI Joint or Pelvis. So the person might have had treatment for a disc problem or arthritis… but they never had treatment to address the real cause of their problem… the SI joint. SI Joint sufferers usually have pain with changing positions such as getting in
and out of a car… or rolling over in bed… or getting in and out of bed. Sitting or driving is usually a problem…and one leg can feel “heavier” than the other.

Sufferers with this cause of can even experience groin pain and trouble controlling their bladder (even at a young age). Most people we see with SI Joint and pelvic problems with have pain on either side of their tail bone or in their groin. #1 Single Best Exercise for SI Joint and Pelvic Pain:
Single Knee to Chest Isometric
1. Lay on your back
2. Place opposite leg flat
3. Push knee down into hands

Hold 5 seconds. Repeat 10 times. Repeat on the other leg. Why Knowing the Cause of Your Back Pain or Sciatica is Important…When you know the CAUSE of your back pain and sciatica, then it’s much easier to do the right treatment to get back to normal… and heal naturally. At Advanced PT Terryville, we specialize in helping people find out the exact
CAUSE of their back pain and sciatica (this can be tricky… because some back pain and sciatica sufferers have more than 1 CAUSE).
Hope this helps you.

Jarred Parker PT, MS is a physical therapist in Terryville and may see patients with Scoliosis, Physical Rehabilitation, Headache, and more. For new and existing patients, please schedule an appointment with one of our back pain and sciatica specialists and find out the exact cause of your back pain and sciatica, call us at 860-540-4920 (Bristol) or 860-506-4124(Terryville).



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