National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month


As our loved ones age they are often struck with diseases that are hard to understand, Alzeheimer’s Disease is one of those diseases. It can be a challenge to see your once vibrant loved one turned into a fraction of who they once were. The best thing you can do
when your loved one is experiencing such a decline is have a clear understanding of what is happening and how you can support her/ him during the difficult time. Here are a few things you can do to support someone who is suffering  from Alzeheimer’s Disease.
Be patient with her/him. They are going to need your love and understanding, but most of all they are going to need your patience. If you lose your temper or cannot stay connected because you are uncomfortable with the situation you may do more harm then good.
Patience is the key to providing good support to your loved one in this situation.
Lend a hand. If the person who may be suffering with this disease is aging in place, in their home, you may be able to help by picking up groceries on your way over to visit, do some cleaning and tidying up around the house, or fix a problem that may be lingering along
the way.


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