Maximizing Your Social Security


By Jay Dorso
Are you confused about when is the best time to file for Social Security? Do you get overwhelmed with all the information about Social Security in newspapers + internet?
If so, I will do my best  very confusing subject easier for you to understand. There is a good reason for you to be confused about Social Security and here are some reasons
• 567 ways to claim your Social Security
• 2728 rules for claiming your Social Security
• Social Security Administration forbidden by law to give you advice for filing your claim

Here are some facts to help you better understand Social Security
• You become eligible for Social Security by working 10 years/40 credits
• Retirement Benefit is calculated on your highest 35 years of earnings
• You may begin receiving Social Security benefits as early as age 62 up to 70 years old

One of the best ways for you to Maximize your Social Security is I will do a FREE REPORT
that will analyze all 567 filing options and highlight the best options for your specific situation. This can help you earn up to $250,000 extra in your lifetime earnings from Social Security.If you would like this FREE REPORT go to www.QualitySeniorBenefitsLLC.
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