Republican Jewish Coalition PAC Endorses Leora Levy for U.S. Senate


The Republican Jewish Coalition has announced its endorsement of Republican U.S. Senate candidate Leora Levy.
A descendant of Jewish Lithuanians who escaped the Nazis in Europe, Levy released the following statement thanking the group for supporting her candidacy: “My name, Leora, means “My Light” in Hebrew. My mother and grandparents escaped Lithuania and the Holocaust in 1940, were turned away at Ellis Island, but found safety in Cuba. I escaped
from Castro’s Communist Cuba with my family to find safety and opportunity in America, this land of freedom.
As a result of my family’s experience, I am keenly aware of how easily one can lose everything to a heartless governing power. I wake up every morning thanking God that I am an American citizen living in the United States of America. “As a U.S. Senator, I will lead on any initiative which strengthens American security and the relationship with our friend and ally, Israel. I will lead any initiative which promotes or enhances commerce between the United
States and Israel. I will be a leading voice for a strong alliance between the United States and Israel because it is good policy and because it is in my DNA. “Unfortunately, career politicians like Biden and Blumenthal are unreliable when it comes to Israel and Middle East policy. Blumenthal supported the JCPOA under Obama and will
most likely support Biden’s reincarnation of the agreement with Iran. “Biden has resumed funding the Palestinian Authority and its payoffs to terrorists’ families, rubber-stamped by Blumenthal. And Blumenthal certainly knows
a few things about Palestinian terrorists as he has a longstanding relationship with CAIR in America. CAIR was an unindicted co-conspirator in the Sami-Al Arian terror trial. “As a U.S. Senator I will work to force the Biden administration to end payments to the PA as codified by the Taylor Force Act. I will work to thwart and prevent
the malign activities of organizations like CAIR, which are fronts for the Muslim Brotherhood in America. “Biden and Blumenthal are crushing opportunity with their failed economic policies, ruining the ability of Americans
to achieve their own American Dreams. I will go to Washington to stop the spending, to promote energy independence and to make life affordable once again. “It is time to retire out-oftouch career politicians and elect outsiders who understand and will fight for policies that ensure every American can pursue their own version of the American Dream.” RJC executive Director Matt Brooks said: “Leora Levy’s victory in the Republican primary for U.S. Senate in Connecticut is a victory for the American Dream. “Today, the American Dream is under assault. Joe Biden, Richard
Blumenthal, and the Democrats in Washington have driven inflation to record highs, dismantled America’s energy independence, and stood by as a violent crime wave sweeps our cities. “Leora Levy is a strong conservative,
proud Jewish-American, and a member of RJC National Leadership Council who will always put the people of Connecticut first. It’s time for a change — it’s time to elect Leora Levy to the U.S. Senate.”


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